DMarket – A Decentralized Marketplace for Gamers

DMarket is intended to transform all virtual items, like games or virtual items, to something that can be exchanged with a real-time economic system that is secure, and reliable. They use their whole lot of seven years of industrial experience to make a complete technological package of secure blockchain technology mixed with gaming .


Their Approach :

The logic behind combining blockchain technology with gaming and software products is pretty much clear and concise . Going after figures, out of 2.3 billion people involved in gaming only few thousands are involved in trading related to games while gaming has a hold of over 100 billion dollar over market . Now this is where Dmarket comes into play.


The Role Of DMarket :

DMarket is keen to make an environment that can be used to trade gaming softwares in seconds . They have planned for smart contracts which is going to work like a bridge between various gaming fields . The security standard mechanism used by blockchain is already known to the world making it more convenient and reliable .

In the traditional gaming platform cross-gaming trades are not possible . DMarket has tried to explain how it can be sorted out as it can be solved by blockchain technology .


DMarket has made it quite easy for any game developer to integrate DMarket’s API(s) with their games . This will ensure a precise collaboration of the gamers all around the globe and the economic system thus making it fruitful as well as accessible to all .


DMarket Coins

DMarket tokens will be later known as DMarket coins which will be used for events like purchase of BigData analytics,  game developer commissions and various in-game goods . DMarket has clear and transparent strategy to counter coin circulation issues and they have strictly prohibited the number of tokens they will issue .

Token Sales

Token Sale Phase #1

Start date:           17th of August 2017 (12:00 PM NYC Time, UTC-4)
End date  :            21st of August 2017 (12:00 PM NYC Time, UTC-4)

DMarket token sale cap (Phase #1): 50,000,000 DMarket tokens

Minimal goal to start                         : 5,000,000 DMarket tokens

Currency accepted                             : ETH, BTC

Token exchange rate                         : 1 ETH = 1,000 DMarket tokens

Amount of tokens per one person    : unlimited

Minimum transaction amount in Ethereum: 0.1 ETH

Minimum transaction amount in Bitcoin     : 100 DMarket tokens (The transaction rate is dependant on BTC rate fluctuations)

Maximum transaction amount                     :Unlimited


Day 1: +10%  bonus
Day 2: +5%    bonus
Day 3: +3%    bonus
Day 4:   No     bonuses

Token Sale Phase #2

Start date   : November 2017
End date     : November 2017

DMarket token sale cap (Phase #2): Hard cap

Currency accepted                             : ETH, BTC, ETC, LTC

Token exchange rate                                        : 1 ETH = 750 DMarket tokens

Amount of tokens per one person                   :limited

Minimum transaction amount in Ethereum    : 0.1 ETH

Minimum transaction amount in Bitcoin         : 100 DMarket tokens (The transaction rate is dependant on BTC rate fluctuations)

Maximum transaction amount                         : Limited
After the token sale is closed, 10% of the total token amount sold are issued and
reserved for DMarket’s core activities, and 5% is reserved for DMarket advisory
board and partners.
The DMarket Tokens will be sent to the User’s respective cryptocurrency wallet by the end of DMarket Tokens Sale phase #2.

Note : +5 % of tokens will be distributed to Advisory Board and partners and +10 % of them will be spent out in Core Activities Reserve .

Use Of Funds By DMarket Team 2017-2020

18%   –   Game Developer Bonuses

32%   –   Marketing and Advertising

10%   –   Sales and Business Analytics

34%   –   Product Development

6%     –  Administrative and General



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