Bitcoin is a digital currency that has enormous value than any other currency in the world. Lots of people don’t know about Bitcoin and it’s importance, so before continuing this article, before you get free bitcoin, you should know:

There are several ways to earn bitcoin online and increase your bitcoins. We have classified this article into three categories: for beginners, for intermediates and for experts. There is no rule that the beginners should not try the work mentioned in intermediate area. The ideas mentioned in intermediate and expert area has its risk and requires more knowledge.

Different ways to earn Bitcoin online:

1.Bitcoin Faucets:


Bitcoin faucet

Bitcoin faucets are the best place for beginners and the fastest way to earn some bitcoins for free without any investment or registration fee. How it works is that it rewards you bitcoin just for visiting/loading their faucet page every 5 minutes, 30 minutes or depending on the terms of that specific faucet.

You just have to log in using your email or Bitcoin address, solve a captcha and then just click to claim your reward. Rewards might vary from 0.0000001btc (bitcoin) to 0.0001btc for every click or visit depending on the faucet.

The best thing about bitcoin faucets is that you can earn 24/7 for every minute for 365 days.  You should claim bitcoins in at least 10-15 faucets to get yourself some considerable amount of money. For instance if you want to earn $15/day  you have to claim 0.003btc every day, this would only be possible if you claim bitcoins from atleast 15-20 different faucets.

Referring friends to the faucets can earn you huge amounts of money, most faucets pay 20-100% for referring friends to their faucet.



2. Earn Bitcoin by playing games


Bitcoin billionaire

Yes, you can earn bitcoins by playing online games. There are hundreds of sites that reward bitcoins for playing games. Like the faucets, these sites will pay 24/7 for playing online games. Sites like Chopcoin, Satoshiquiz, SparkProfit and many more like these reward bitcoins just for playing games.



3. Paid to click websites

Paid to click websites pay you for clicking advertisements or visiting an advertiser’s website. Your earnings will depend on the number of ads interacted. Only a limited number of ads will be available on a PTC website.



4. Earn by reading books

If you wish to earn bitcoin by reading books, you can join paid books. Paid books pay bitcoins for reading a page for 10 minutes. You do not have to compulsory ‘read’ the page to get reward, the page just needs to be opened for 10 minutes to claim bitcoin. Turn the page and leave it for another 10 minutes to claim again.

5. Get paid for completing tasks and offers


Earn bitcoin with tasks

During the extra time before faucet re-visit, you can do some extra tasks and complete offers (surveys, watching videos, visiting websites etc) to earn some extra bitcoins.



6. Bitcoin mining


image: digitalcoinsexchange

Bitcoin mining is the process of solving mathematical problems to mine bitcoins from the block. These problems can only be solved by very powerful high-end computers. Gone are the days when people used graphic cards to mine bitcoins. Now, devices are specially being made to mine bitcoins. If you have a high-end mining device (miner), just join a mining pool and download the mining software. Just leave the compute and it will mine bitcoins day and night for you.

But before you should get full knowledge about your power usage, mining devices, miner power and about mining.

7. Gambling

It is undoubtedly the best source to double, triple your bitcoins. Also, this might be the place where you may lose all your bitcoins. This is why it is only recommended for expert users. If you’re a beginner and wish to get know-how of bitcoin gambling  and gain experience and rewards, you can go to free gambling websites where people play just for fun like Casino war, American roulette etc.

8. Trading


Btc trading

Bitcoin trading is the most effective way to earn more bitcoins. Trading is similar to gambling with calculated risks. If you have the knowledge in trading you will not lose anything but instead gain a serious profit. But if you trade poorly and without any knowledge, you will lose everything.

So gain knowledge about trading and invest bitcoins in the trade and earn from home.

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