Coinrace: the betting platform that will rule all decentralized games

What’s so bad about the current decentralized game industry? It’s the cloning of existing games. Like the cloning of cryptokities, many developers are building on others’ success. Is that all the blockchain development community could do? Not to talk of the fact that many of those so-called games wind up as white papers and ideas and put cryptocurrency holders and investors at stake. If there’s anything that needs sanity, then it is this space, exactly why coinrace is saving the industry with a unique betting game..

What is coinrace – best decentralized game on Ethereum

Built from scratch on the Ethereum blockchain, coinrace is a decentralized game of class, allowing users to acquire Race tokens, which are then used to participate in a betting race game. It gives all players a level playing field and doesn’t concentrate winning or control power in any gaming platform or cartel – a truly decentralized gaming interface that is already available for players

It’s not just a whitepaper, it’s a working dapp.

It is not just an idea, it is already built with a working MVP.

The power of anonymity is coinrace’s hallmark

The platform is designed by an Anonymous Group.

The power of those in the cryptocurrency space is anonymity and coinrace is leveraging this power to make sure that no one reveals their personal information whiles betting on coinrace. What represents your face would be your cryptocurrency address and transaction history, and since all that is in code, you are just a string of numbers and letters online and that is real power.

Technology – pushing decentralized gaming to new levels

The decentralized game platform coinrace is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain and powered by many smart contracts.  The Race tokens are built with the ERC20 Ethereum token. Through rate oracles, the gaming platform takes real-time data from exchanges, including Bitfinex, Poloniex, Bittrex, OKEx, Kraken, Binance, and CryptoCompare, to ensure that coinrace is in tune with the entire cryptocurrency market and also make sure that client side rates are constantly updated through websockets.

The races open to gamers

Races come in four different types, each one with at least four different cryptocurrencies represented by a unique avatar car. Each race takes 300 seconds to complete. The Smart Coins Race contains the following coins represented by avatar cars: ETH, ADA, XEM, and EOS. The Old School Race has: BTC, ETH, LTC, and DASH. The Bitcoin Forks Race comes with:; BTC, BCH, and BTG. And the Anonymouses Race cointains: DASH, XMR, ZEC, and BCN.

Coinrace’s future roadmap

In line with its future goals, coinrace will provide a lot in terms of freedom to players, scalability, and robustness, including:

A betting race protocol applicable to varied domains, including the trading market, sport betting world, ICO racing, and a decentralized exchange, which, when combined, constitute a market share of over $8 Billion (2017).

An excellent betting protocol that would use the Raiden Network in the future to produce fast decentralized racing, gamer-to-gamer token transfer on coinrace, a direct exchange of Race to USD, in-game peer-to-peer chat, an excellent user interface, vote functionalities for proof-of-stake, upgrade sports betting through trusted oracle implementation, and serve as a tool for building betting games.

Future integrations

Whiles the team builds coinrace, a lot of integrations would be undertaken to make the system fast and robust. Among them include allowing people to compete between ICOs and winners supported through a decentralized protocol, allow people to build ICO Cars by creating smart contracts, give players the power to build their own decentralized game rules, and also build a Coin gateway through a Qurrex Integration.


As a decentralized game protocol that stands out from the crowd, the Race token doesn’t need Ethereum to survive and people are not obliged to make investments into any implementation because the MVP is already in place. This is a platform that would change the gaming industry and for gamers and investors, this is a chance to change the world through game.

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