After a Successful AirDrop, Ydentity is back with Round 1 of Pre-ICO

Ydentity by Bright Nation Limited has successfully launched the Round 1 of Pre-sale on May 7th, 2018. Ydentity is the world’s first token using the findings of Cognitive Neuroscience. The presale will be held until the 21st of this month. During the first round of presale, Ydentity offers 60 million Ydentity tokens which will be sold at a 35% discount. Each Ydentity token is priced at $0.1625 during this first round of presale.


The first round of presale aims to raise $6 million to make Ydentity feasible in the token sale. Ydentity has foreseen the digital world where identity threats are viable and came up with the solution called the Ydentity token. Ydentity is a new generation of digital identity that is delivered in the form of a risk-identity token running on a permissioned blockchain. Ydentity integrates blockchain technology to create a risk-identity token that is located as a confluence of psychological testing and government identification and meets with defense-grade KYC and cybersecurity standards.


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“Ydentity is the new neuroscience approach for remote onboarding – Ydentity makes it accessible to everyone who has a smartphone and wants an identification number to access banking, insurance, networking, etc.”, said the Founder.


With the help of 30 ‘yes/no’ questions which is presented to the user randomly from 300 questions, the system categorises each user into one of the three risk profiles: risk averse, risk dependent, and risk seeking. With these profiles, a Ydentity token is created for a user which provides anonymous identity allowing the user to navigate the web without having to disclose their real identity.


On purchasing a token and receiving their Ydentity, users are then invited to enjoy a 30-day free trial of limited features of the Ycommunity. On full sign-up to the Ycommunity, the user gains full access to a decentralised peer-to-peer organisation managed by its members.


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