Zing Token – Empowering Official Lottery Platform with Cryptocurrency.

Have you ever thought of buying Lotto tickets using Crypto? I’m sure you would say “Nah!”

We at Zeering offers US, Canada, UK, Australia official lottery tickets using Crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, ZING. (We will be expanding the list in near future with more stable crypto currencies). Zeering’s mission is to be the first nationally recognized online lotto platform service with the intent to expand its operations to include global provisioning with crypto currency. The company is focused on providing the highest quality service and user experience possible, as well as, protecting consumers from the billions of dollars forfeited in unclaimed prizes every year utilizing state-of-the-art technology. The indirect benefit of the Zeering service is a go green campaign that aims to reduce carbon emissions.

The Zeering software infrastructure is web application which is intentionally developed for Crypto & Lotto lovers. Anyone around the world can buy official lottery tickets using crypto currencies online at Zeering.com. We at Zeering buys original lottery tickets on behalf of users and upload the original scan tickets in dashboard which users can access. We give 100% rights to owner of tickets so they can claim winning amount from Official lottery providers for whatever Counrty/State lottery they win.

Zeering has been running business since 2014 and has served more than 11K customers. With the trust of Zeering’s valuable customers we have introduced ZING Token (ERC20) on Ethereum Block-chain as an available payment option on Zeering online platform inclusive of existing payment options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin.

What makes Zeering Unique?
 Quick Pick — Bored of selecting numbers? You can use Quick Pick feature to select lottery numbers in random sequence.
2. Anonymity — Worried to maintain privacy when buying lottos? No problem, we accept payment in crypto currencies to made your lives easier.
3. Auto-Reorder — We maintain history of lifetime purchase, which can be easily re-ordered whenever you need.
4. Favorite Numbers — You can maintain your favorite number, which you can order anytime!
5. Digital Currency Support — Zeering supports digital currencies to buy lotto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin
6. Donations — We believe contributing to charities. We distribute 10% commission from every sold lotteries to charity you prefer.

Benefits of Zeering App:

  • Easy Purchase — Quick Checkout.
  • Global Lotteries Support — Enhanced with almost all famous lotteries.
  • See Your Tickets — Access scanned copy of original lottery ticket.
  • Winner notifications — Instant winner notifications, so you never loose a single winning.
  • Reward for referrals — Offer to earn some perks by inviting your buddies to Zeering platform.
  • 100% Safe and Secure — Serving happy customers since 2014.

The ability for customers to purchase lottos in other states and countries may be an unknown gem. It is a foregone conclusion that people will play out-of-state lottos when they hit higher amounts, if made easily available. Lotto consumers in other place, must make trips across State lines to neighbouring States in order to access play these lottos. Zeering is now their convenient solution and the company has a very specific target market.

Zeering provides automated re-ordering feature, so consumer need not have to pick lotto numbers for every jackpot. Consumers can simply click re-order if they would like to pick same number for upcoming jackpot to provide convenient ordering mechanism. Zeering manages multiple wallets of supported crypto currencies — Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and store crypto assets on very secure storage to provide 100% security assurance to consumers.

Visit Zeering Offers today and Play your luck!

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